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No Fleas on Me!

No Fleas on Me!

They itch, they scratch, and they are no fun! Fleas are little creatures that live on your pet and thrive by biting them, feeding off of their blood causing your pet to become anemic and create skin problems. It’s extremely important to keep your pets on flea prevention all year around!


So these little creatures are picked up by going outside. Not just on your pet, keep in mind! It’s a common misconception that fleas only live on a dog or a cat… Oh no! About 95 percent of fleas in the house aren’t on your pet. The adult fleas living on your pet make up about 5% of the fleas in your living environment. The rest are scattered throughout your home according to DVM360. 

Fleas live in stages. There are flea eggs and flea Larvae living in carpets, bedding, floorboards and soil and other places your pets claim as their own. 

How to Treat

The first thing you should do if you think your pet has a flea problem is make an appointment with us so we can check them out. We will definitely recommend good flea prevention which should be given year round. Don’t worry! We’ll help you pick the right one for your pet! 

Other good tips for home care is to vacuum and steam carpets regularly. Mow and rake and remove debris from flower beds and under bushes. 

Our products

At the Albemarle Animal Hospital we carry many products for flea prevention. Please ask one of the Doctors at your next visit to find which product is best for your pet.


Bravecto is a chewable tablet that lasts for 12 weeks instead of 1 month. Not only does this product defend against fleas but ticks too! It can be given to puppies over 6 months and is also available for cats. 


This product is for dogs 8 weeks and older. Credelio is a one month chewable tablet which also helps prevent ticks!


Simparica is another 1 month chewable pill. This pill helps prevent fleas and ticks for dogs starting at age 6 months. 

Please do not hesitate to call our clinic if you have further questions. You are welcome to call, email or go through our online portal to make an appointment. And don’t forget to help your fur baby keep those little fleas away with flea prevention.